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Nerissa – The Wines

The Nerissa IGT Maremma wines fully express the harmonious interplay between land and sea, showcasing a remarkable balance and lingering sensory delight. The hues of the ocean sunset and the earth’s reddish-brown tones are mirrored in these wines, epitomizing the harmonious relationship between the people and their surrounding environment.

Nerissa White

IGT Toscana Bianco

The Nerissa IGT white wine from Maremma is a wine whose intensity and complexity pave the way for an enveloping bouquet.

Nerissa Rosé

IGT Toscana Rosato

The NERISSA IGT Toscano Rosato is a distinguished wine, with an elegant pink color. Olfactory, it offers a harmonious alternation of floral and fruity notes.

Nerissa Red

IGT Toscana Rosso

The NERISSA IGT Toscano Red is a wine that captures attention with its intense ruby red color and violet reflections.