Genesis of a passion for wine, the territory and the tradition it embodies.

The Wines


The Nerissa IGT Maremma wines fully express the harmonious interplay between land and sea, showcasing a remarkable balance and lingering sensory delight. The hues of the ocean sunset and the earth’s reddish-brown tones are mirrored in these wines, epitomizing the harmonious relationship between the people and their surrounding environment.
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The Territory

Alta Maremma – a territory to be discovered

About 70 million years ago, a mass of granitic magma created immense mineral deposits in the rocks, giving rise to the Metalliferous Hills in Alta Maremma. This region, nestled between the lush pre-Apennine hills and the enchanting azure of the Tyrrhenian Sea, is characterized by a unique identity and thrilling contrasts.
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The Brand

GeaDea – The essence behind the brand

Birthed from a deep-seated appreciation for nature and its abundant gifts, GeaDea is a tribute to Gea, the Earth Goddess from Greek mythology.
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