The Brand

GeaDea – the essence behind the brand

GeaDea – The Spirit Behind the Brand. Birthed from a deep-seated appreciation for nature and its abundant gifts, GeaDea is a tribute to Gea, the Earth Goddess from Greek mythology. Our ambition extends beyond just products; we aim to offer a genuine and high-quality experience, preserving the distinct soul of the terroir and the authenticity of the grape clusters that breathe life into our wines. Simultaneously, we respect the land, humanity, nature, and its invaluable yield. GeaDea signifies a dynamic evolution, embracing the quintessential wines of Maremma while broadening its horizons to other territories. This harmony of tradition, innovation, and sustainability pays a heartfelt tribute to the boundless generosity of Earth.

Nerissa – The brand

The name Nerissa, steeped in ancient Greek mythology, represents the “sea nymph”, a daughter of Nereus, the ancient sea god. Alongside her sisters, she protected mariners in trouble, embodying the tight-knit bond between the Greek people, the sea, and their reverence for nature’s forces. Observing the Maremma coastline, which overlooks the Tyrrhenian Sea, one can sense an alluring ambiance and a deep-seated connection between GeaDea and Nerissa, divine entities that resonate with the Maremma region’s spirit.