The Territory

Alta Maremma – a territory to be discovered

About 70 million years ago, a mass of granitic magma created immense mineral deposits in the rocks, giving rise to the Metalliferous Hills in Alta Maremma. This region, nestled between the lush pre-Apennine hills and the enchanting azure of the Tyrrhenian Sea, is characterized by a unique identity and thrilling contrasts.

Alta Maremma guards a rich archaeological, architectural, and gastronomic heritage. The territory is renowned for its flavors and products, with a nature dotted with vineyards, olive groves, and organic crops. The mineral-rich soil, varying from rocky to clay and sandy, coupled with a mild climate with wide temperature swings and constant ventilation, provides ideal conditions for grape cultivation. This has allowed the development of a high-quality winemaking tradition, producing fine wines appreciated worldwide.

The region is also cherished for the production of tasty and balanced extra virgin olive oil, outdoor livestock breeding, and its high-quality typical cheeses. This makes Maremma a unique territory in the European landscape for the excellence of its agricultural products, the result of a generous land and a people who have valued its resources sustainably and respectfully to the environment.