The Company

The project and its legacy

GeaDea finds its roots in the deep passion for wine, the territory where it is produced, the time-honored practices it upholds, and the tradition it represents. Initiated by Gregor and Ricardo, sons of Adriana and Urs Burkard, who own the Arillo in Terrabianca winery nestled in Radda in Chianti (Siena), this journey reflects their shared ethos – reverence for nature, the land, and its people.

Through a process of gradual expansion, Gregor and Ricardo have brought fresh perspectives and enhancements to their parents’ craft, thereby giving birth to GeaDea – an ever-evolving project tailored to the expectations of future generations. The objective is to foster fresh dialogue around wine and promote a “drinking well” culture, implying a preference for quality over quantity. This aims to draw the younger demographic (those below 40) nearer to the epitome of fine wines. The target audience consists of increasingly aware individuals, eager to better understand a world of wine that often seems exclusive and elitist

GeaDea’s primary mission is to produce Maremma IGT wines, sourced from their environmentally conscious, organic vineyards. The Nerissa collection of wines serves as a testament to the narrative of a region, a culture, and a style tailored to the tastes of the youthful and more evolved palate, while remaining appealing and accessible.